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Higher Education Strategic Partnership Consulting Services

Implementing major institutional restructuring in higher education, such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, corporate conversions, and closures, include various phases during which SPH Consulting Group will serve as your dedicated partner. Stages to consider include strategic readiness and feasibility consideration; partner identification, decision-making and negotiation; pre-restructuring communication and preparation; restructuring execution and implementation; and post-restructuring assessment, communication, and management.    

SPH Consulting Group
SPH Consulting Group
Strategic Readiness and Feasibility Consideration
There are many major strategic opportunities facing higher education leaders today, and each requires careful consideration. In fact, the single most important failure of many institutions is the failure to consider the many opportunities present in a timely manner. SPH Consulting Group will assist higher education governing boards and executives in their strategic planning and consideration, including exploring the various potential strategic options available and their feasibility, assessing institutional and leadership readiness to benefit from the opportunities available, and providing, as needed, and individual guidance, support, and coaching to institutional leaders.
Partner Identification, Decision-making, and Negotiation
Ensuring a successful future-oriented growth strategy requires careful identification and assessment of potential partners and their compatibility with the institution and its goals; prompt and clear decision-making, which may include the decision to not take any action at the moment; and thoughtful and intelligent negotiation with select potential partners. SPH Consulting Group will assist higher education governing boards and executives in the process of partner identification, decision-making, and negotiation, to ensure a winning outcome, and to ensure the best results for its clients.
Pre-Restructuring Communication and Preparation
Once a decision to move forward with an institutional restructuring opportunity is made, there will a myriad of different important actions to undertake, not the least will be the need to develop and execute a careful communication plan to the broader university and local communities, ensuring maximum transparency and engagement, while generating optimal urgency without fear. Additionally, institutional leaders must begin to prepare the ground for the restructuring implementation by engaging internal constituents, including their faculty, students, staff and alumni, and many external partners, including numerous regulatory agencies, corporate partners, financial institutions, and vendors. SPH Consulting Group will there, partnering with institutional leadership to provide guidance, strategies, and tools, to help ensure the success of critical pre-restructuring planning.
Restructuring Execution and Implementation

Once a decision has been made and the ground prepared it is time to execute the major restructuring or partnership initiative. A myriad of regulatory, financial, corporate, academic, and athletic actions will need to be executed thoroughly, thoughtfully, promptly, and in the right order to ensure the success of the initiative. SPH Consulting Group will help guide and assist institutional leaders and the broader team, with knowledge, project management and other tools and tactics, to ensure the on-time success of the initiative’s implementation.

Post-Restructuring Assessment, Communication, and Management
The post-restructuring period is one of extreme complexity and sensitivity, as the new organization works to create a new identity, learn from acquired units, assimilate new culture, and leverage the transformation for the success of the organization, its students, and the university or college community. SPH Consulting Group will be right there, assisting the institution in assessing, communicating and managing the post-restructuring process to ensure the long-term value of the transformation.